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Davin’s Dream Team is a community dedicated to giving kids the best chance at a successful future.


The primary mission of Davin’s Dream Team is to to enhance the quality of opportunities available to our youth by strengthening athletic and performing arts programs in public schools, community based non-profits and clubs throughout America.

“Growing up in South Florida, I was first introduced to sports by Prince Pearson, a young head football coach. At the time, I didn’t realize the opportunities that I would have, the lessons I would learn, and the discipline that would become a part of me through sports. Athletics helped me become a better student, a leader among my peers, make good decisions, earn a college education, and prepare me for a career that allows me to support my family.

I have had the good fortune to meet many influential and inspiring people, but perhaps none have had more of an impact than the members of Davin’s Dream Team. I ask you to join us and start making a difference in our community.”

-Davin Joseph, Founder

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